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Cute Attack is now open!


Cute Attack is a new kids store on Metropolitan and if the Facebook teasers are any indication, this place is going to be rad! I’ll be stopping by this weekend and I’ll let you know but in the meantime if you need a birthday gift or party outfit, check them out: 
Cute Attack
770 Metropolitan Ave, just past Graham Ave.
(347) 889-6555

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What to buy for birthday parties - year 2 & 3

Year 2 & 3 gift can overlap a bit. It will all depend on the child’s personality. For example my daughter could never be trusted with paint or markers but my friend Jenny’s daughter never had an issue. Her daughter was a little angel. 
So here are my picks for year 2 & 3

1) Teepee’s - Something about getting over that initial toddler-dom of year 1 brings a sense of independence and wanting to slip out of sight to play pretend or tell a story and teepees are fabulous little spaces to create for kids around that age. 
2) Puzzles - Any and all sorts of age appropriate puzzles are great fun for kids this age. They’ll feel so accomplished and the mom you buy the gift for will love it too. 
3) Rody’s - These awesome air-filled ride on toys are huge hits with kids this age. Great energy relief too for those wintery or rainy days!  
4) Play kitchens & accessories - Play kitchens are so great to have around kids this age; especially if they come with play food, dishes and pans. You’ll get plenty of milage out of them at this age
5) Train Sets - 

Here’s to self sufficient kids!

I just love this! I stole it from Karen@achildgrows’ facebook page. It encapsulates my entire parenting philosophy! I’m big on teach ‘um to fish…. 
Our friend Crista posted this article: Why Are American Kids So Spoiled?  from the New Yorker. Its a depressing account of American children. 
If you’ve read the article, will it change how you are with your kids? It sure changed me - as the product of a helicopter parent who had no idea how to do laundry when I left for college, I am sooo on this boat. I no longer pick up anything they can pick up themselves, feed my oldest, to teaching them how to sweep, mop and wipe the table. Soon we’ll move to setting the table and folding laundry! Woohoo! I realize that taking the time now will pay dividends down the road. 
Speaking of… I might pick up a copy of that Mean Mom book….  

Motherburg: Chic Mama Monday's


I have long been a fan of the embroidered dress. I spotted Yelena and her her lovely daughter early Sunday morning on my way to Trader Joes’s. Yelena’s dress is from Romania which I had no idea had such exquisite dresses. I am a bit committed when buying such an embroidered piece, meaning…

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Chic Mama


I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for the Marni for H&M collection. It is not only incredibly chic looking , it will be available at H&M which means it will not cost thousands of dollars. I have always been a huge Marni fan however not in my budget these days. Although I cannot buy the entire H&M line, one or two pieces will make this lady happy. Available March 8, 2012.

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 Be Our Valentine.  Etsy sent me this sweet Valentine, worth watching! xoxo MB

Rag and bone. Obsess.


Two things that will definitely be in our closet soon enough.
Rag and bone. Obsess.


Two things that will definitely be in our closet soon enough.

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